Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Five @ 5

Every Friday I will wake up at 5am, put myself at my desk, and write about the first five things that pop into my head. An effort to make sure I post something at least once a week. If you want to write you should write. 

1. Looking at this coat lying on top of my vacuum cleaner on the floor of my closet earlier this week made me cry. Like CRY. Arms folded. Head down. Sobs. Prior to this moment, I'd been sitting on my couch for a solid half hour pouting and feeling sick and overwhelmed and sloppy and ugly and bad at everything. Finally I said to myself, "I'm going to hang that shawl collar coat that I wear twice a year up in the bedroom closet." Reason being if I hung that shawl collar coat that I wear twice a year up in the bedroom closet, it would make space on the coat rack for the coats I wear more regularly. If I could put the coats I wear more regularly on the coat rack, they'd be off the kitchen chairs. If they were off the kitchen chairs, the kitchen table would look nicer. Maybe then I'd actually sit at the kitchen table instead of standing up next to it while I eat. If I ate sitting down, I'd feel like a normal adult and become a happier, nicer, more organized person who wasn't overwhelmed, sloppy, ugly, and bad at everything. I'm moving that coat immediately. WATCH OUT WORLD. Nope. No. The closet rod chose that moment to give out and the coat that I was pinning my entire future happiness on fell to the ground in a heap. It was THAT kind of a week. 

2. I think 50% of my wardrobe is comprised of striped cotton T-shirts with varying sleeve lengths, so this post thrilled me yesterday. The H&M top included here is among my most favorite articles of clothing I've ever owned. It is perfect in every way and today is payday and I might need to order a fresh one. Even though the shipping will probably be more than the cost of the shirt.

3. Some pretty frightening things happened in Brookline, MA this week very close to where I work part-time and VERY VERY close to where several of my friends live. Shooting. Stabbing. Bad. I was concerned, to say the least. When I learned that it was a targeted crime and not a random violence spree, I felt so relieved. Oh thank goodness. The gunshots that were fired in that neighborhood I'm in 3 to 4 times each week and that several of my friends and their CHILDREN were in WHEN IT HAPPENED were intended for a specific person. Phew. Phew? Isn't that a little bit messed up? Is that even how you spell "phew?" Yes, everyone I know personally is safe and fine, at least physically. But shots were still fired. People were still hurt. And I just sort of took a deep breath and went back to my business. It's not healthy to obsess over these things, but my reaction made me feel funny. I need to think more about this.

4. Salmon! I'm on a salmon kick. I'm going to make this recipe and this one, too. The highlight of my "crying over spilt shawl collar coats" week was the late dinner I had with three of my wonderful co-workers following a reception we held at a beautiful facility in Boylston, MA. I randomly ordered salmon and it blew my face off (in a good way) and I was the happiest girl in Central Massachusetts. Maybe it was the salmon, maybe it was the company. I swear, working with people you adore can make even the most challenging weeks seem a little bit delicious.

5. I haven't been in very many "the crowd leapt to their feet" situations in my life; the last one I can recall was in March 2004. But this past snowy Saturday I took myself on a date to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra perform, and at the end of the final piece "the crowd leapt to their feet" with good reason. This was a downright baller performance by a cellist named Johannes Moser. I was seated next to two college students who (I learned through the power of eavesdropping) were both studying cello, and they were FREAKING OUT. I was seated behind a small group of individuals who every few minutes would look at each other with their eyes WIDE open and swoon because they were very clearly FREAKING OUT about how handsome and expressive and animated this cellist was. (They weren't wrong. Not to diminish this man's musical prowess, but he was pretty easy on the eyes.) I honestly can't tell you one shred of technical information about why this performance was so spectacular and why I was FREAKING OUT. I just was. I didn't even read the program book. Sorry, classical music nerds. Sometimes you just want to relax and take it all in. What a wonderful night that was. I've never seen anyone play the cello like that. I will be back, BSO. I hope Johannes Moser will be, too. Also, my ticket was only $20. Check this out.

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  1. Dvorak Cello Concerto, correct? Hell of a piece!