Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Five @ 5

Every Friday I will wake up at 5am, put myself at my desk, and write about the first five things that pop into my head. An effort to make sure I post something at least once a week. If you want to write you should write. 

1. This has been a weird week. Not bad. Just weird. I feel foggy and not like myself. I'm also LATE writing this thing. I'm hoping for a super boring week next week where nothing happens and I can autopilot myself through work and teaching and go home and be a hermit and make tomato sauce and read my overdue library book with my hair in a pile on top of my head.

2. Lipstick. I want to buy ALL of it. On Wednesday night my friend Katie had me try on something called Girl About Town by Mac and I'd never felt prettier. I've been wearing the same lipstick shade since I was in the actual seventh grade. THE SEVENTH GRADE. Black Honey by Clinique. Don't get me wrong, it's a really nice, classic shade. It's not really a color though, it just sort of enhances the natural color of your lips. Girl About Town was like POW. Lately anytime I see a picture of myself I think I look like an elderly man. This made me look like an actual girl. So this weekend it's on, I'm buying tubes and tubes of it. New lease on life. 

3. Speaking of Katie, if any of you know her please do not tell her this or she will get the Beygency after me, but Beyonce isn't always my favorite. I like her very much, I enjoy her music, but I'm not always blown away by it. However, this week I am! Formation. I cannot stop listening to it. The second I heard it, I wanted to choreograph something for my class to it, and it took me no more than 15 minutes to know exactly what that choreography would be. Alas, I've also noticed a LOT of heated debate about it and am struggling to find a "clean" version of the song. So, if anyone wants to come over to my apartment and dance in my living room with me, please let me know. This might be my favorite thing I've ever created.   

4. This video will never ever ever fail to make me laugh.

5. I realized this week that I have been watching The Bachelor for almost 15 years. I watched the Season One finale in my very first apartment in Brighton while literally standing up and holding a rabbit ear antenna on top of my television set. Because of all the static, I could only see half of Alex Michel's face when he rejected Trista. I don't own a TV nowadays, but I have a Hulu subscription just so I can watch The Bachelor. I love it. I love every single minute of it. I love The Bachelor. I love The Bachelorette. I love Bachelor in Paradise. I love The Women Tell All. I love After The Final Rose. I love the new Bachelor Live. I loved Bachelor Pad. All of it.I had a moment two summers ago where I was in my bed watching Bachelor in Paradise on my laptop, eating popcorn, and drinking a glass of white wine and I started to CRY I was so happy. Not like, a little choked up because I was feeling so content and peaceful. Like noisy sniffly crying to the point where my then-boyfriend came running into the bedroom to see what was wrong with me. It makes me that happy. And this current season is SOLID gold and you should be watching it. I wish I was a smarty pants Downton Abbey or House of Cards person. I tried Making a Murderer and could only deal with six episodes before I quit. It bothered me that all of those people began their phone conversations by saying "Yeee-aawwhh" lazily. Even though it's a "reality" show, The Bachelor is a complete and total escape from reality for me and I will continue to love it until its final Final Rose.   

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  1. I wish I was a smarty pants Downton Abbey person too. Alas, I love Greys and Scandal and Big Bang Theory. Thursday night I jam my guts out with a great group of gals, then I RACE HOME *just* in the nick of time to indulge two solid hours of not-smarty-pants television. Thursday nights are, well, my jam. Unfortunately, I am old and lame and boring and have been a mee-maw since I was 12, so I can't stay up to see everything, so I have to catch up on DVR on Friday nights...but still. I love the thrill of trying to get through it all, the commitment, the anticipation, and even the left overs on Friday night. TV left overs. See? I'm a mee-maw. And I love it.