Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Five @ 5

Every Friday I will wake up at 5am, put myself at my desk, and write about the first five things that pop into my head. An effort to make sure I post something at least once a week. If you want to write you should write. 

1. Hi! So, I missed a week of Friday Five @ 5. I had nothing to say. Well, I had plenty to say but it was all kind of boring and/or a bummer and I really couldn't get out of bed at 5am. Or 6 or 7am for that matter. Sometimes I have a week or two where I struggle. I'm sure at least a few of you know what I mean and can relate. I'll leave it at that.

2. I've decided to start exercising on a regular basis. Yes, I'm a fitness instructor so it's odd that I'd say I'm going to START exercising. But teaching, while challenging physically, is not exactly exercise for me. Honestly, it's better. It's the best. It's the happiest part of my life and for a while I thought, well, there's my exercise. Not so much. Because for me the most significant benefits of exercise have nothing to do with my body and everything to do with my mind. The whole reason I got into this game was because six years ago I turned to exercise at a really rough time. I was sitting on my parents' couch thinking, "okay, what the HELL am I going to do?" and my web browser found its way over to the Healthworks website. I started by doing a few sessions with a personal trainer who reminded me how to move my limbs and that I had muscles in my body. From there I stumbled into group exercise and fell in love with BodyJam and felt better and better by the day. I love to exercise because I'm challenged in a really distracting way, I'm calmer, my stress decreases, and my ability to focus during all the other parts of my day increases. I also just really love movement. When I'm teaching it's technically work. It's WONDERFUL work that I love more than anything, but it's not all that calming. Anyway, I'm trying barre and yoga since the four classes I'm fortunate to teach each week have me me bouncing around and lifting heavy-ish things. So far, so good. Yay exercise.

3. I didn't know it was okay to have garlic for breakfast, did you? After noticing a Facebook/Instagram post by this lovely and very knowledgeable lady, I copied her and recreated her breakfast of eggs, bacon, and garlicky chard. And it. Blew. My. Whole. Face off. Garlic for breakfast. Try it.  

4. Fuller House. It's not going to be raking in the Emmys. It's not going to change anyone's life. It's just so entertaining and wonderfully corny and nostalgia-filled, and sometimes that's enough at the end of a long day. I've already done plenty of thinking today, I've already had plenty of drama, just make me giggle and send me on my way. I highly recommend watching this gem. Also: John Stamos. To this day. Have mercy. 

5. I used to dance. I was pretty serious about ballet as a kiddo and took ballet classes for fun during college and in my 20s. It had its ups and downs as all things do, but overall I absolutely loved it. I stopped when I was 26. A few weeks ago it occurred to me how much I love ballet, how much I miss it, and how happy it once made me, so I'm going BACK. Ten years away, long enough. I'm ready. I mean yeah it's WAY too late for me to be a serious dancer, but I can sure as hell take adult beginner ballet classes and refresh my muscle memory and enjoy some live piano accompaniment and make some new friends on Saturday afternoons. I registered for a 10-week class and I start later this month. Why not?

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