Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Five @ 5

Every Friday I will wake up at 5am, put myself at my desk, and write about the first five things that pop into my head. An effort to make sure I post something at least once a week. If you want to write you should write. 

We got one!
1. I've given up Uber as part of my crusade to be smarter about money. It's been three weeks to the day, not one Uber! Those of you who really know me understand that this is huge. I have no self-control and was using it WAY too much. I took the slogan "Everyone's Personal Driver" a little too literally. Anyway, I did need to get home very late at night one night during this first few weeks of Uber-free living, and I called a cab. People still do this! My conversation with the cab dispatcher made me think of this scene from Ghostbusters, because he sounded so shocked to hear from me.

2. Am I weird for feeling like it's too soon for a movie to be made about the Marathon bombing? I assumed one would be made eventually, but this is bugging me. If they're filming now, they probably started scouting locations a while ago when it was REALLY too soon. And it seems like they can't wait to get it into theaters. December? Maybe I'm a party pooper. Maybe it's too close to home. It just feels too soon.

3. I'm craving really good ricotta. This lemony deliciousness is going to be dinner on Sunday. I love the part about putting the bowl over the pasta pot MacGyver-style.

4. On Monday morning this week I went for an actual run outdoors. I did it because on Sunday afternoon I BOOKED it from Trader Joe's to an about-to-leave green line train, and when I sat down on the train afterwards I felt zesty and healthy and awesome and wanted to feel that way again as soon as possible. I have to say I really enjoyed my early AM run. I was only out there for a little over 20 minutes, but it was such a therapeutic way to start the day. I live alone and it was nice to see other human beings so soon after waking up, nice to see my neighborhood and smell the bakeries getting up and running, and really nice to get some fresh air in my lungs and a little sweat going before getting ready for work. (Side note: how wonderful is the feeling of being really sweaty and gross and then getting really really clean? Heaven.) There were, however, two horrifying parts of the run: first, the quiet few seconds between the songs I had blasting in my headphones where I had to hear what my breathing sounds like when I run. Wow. Second, running by and making direct eye contact with a gentleman I went on a disappointing date with last year who was on his way to work dressed all nice and smelling terrific while I was a makeup-free, just-woke-up, huffing, galloping, disaster area. Whatever. I ran and it felt really terrific and I'm going to keep doing it.

5. The iPhone weather says it's going to SNOW not once, but twice in the next week and I am thrilled. Spring stresses me out. Spring is an indecisive pain in the ass. Spring is wishy washy. You walk outside and it's so windy your skirt FLIES up over your head. You sneeze constantly. You cannot figure out what to wear. Summer isn't my favorite, but at least summer is just hot. You know what you're getting with summer. Winter. Same thing. It's cold. Done. Fall is just gorgeous and perfect and untouchable. It is the Tom Brady of seasons. Spring can just go away. I'm excited to have even a little snow. I'll make tomato sauce to celebrate.  

Happy weekend, all.


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