Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Five @ 5

1. Oof. Been a while. I think I'll just accept that this is going to be an occasional thing for me. I've missed posting here, but have just been too scattered. What a weird year 2017 is turning out to be. I can't say that I dislike it as much as I disliked 2016, but I can't say it's been a good year so far either. Some sad news. Some weird news. Some strange vibes. And Trump. Meh.

2. At least there is food to cheer us up, right? I'm making this Glowing Spiced Lentil Soup tonight, and these Marinated White Beans for lunch this week.

3. Speaking of food, if you're not following the Food of Elan on Instagram you should get that going.

4. Has everyone been shopping at LOFT except me? For some reason I got it into my head that I didn't love that store but it turns out I LOVE THAT STORE. I got this and this. Not bad. I felt swishy and pretty in both of them, and both were 40% off.

5.  Rosé season is upon us. I don't love the warmer weather but I do love rosé and the smell of tomato stems and having a lower electric bill because I don't need to turn my heat on. We can't all afford Whispering Angel all the time, at least I can't. I found a super cheap rosé at Trader Joe's on Friday that I loved almost as much. It's the "Les Portes de Bordeaux Rosé" and it's $6.99. Six ninety nine! I love Trader Joe's.

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