Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Five @ 5

The ocean. Provincetown. Fall 2016.
1. Smitten Kitchen re-posted this glorious recipe yesterday and I'm SO jazzed because I'm headed to a place this morning where I can buy really good chori├žo. The name of that magical place? Fall River, Massachusetts. I love working for the state. I've lived in Massachusetts my entire life (minus one year) and I'd only seen a fraction of it before I started my state job. Looking forward to meeting you, Fall River. Looking forward to a (hopefully) great event with the best crew of co-workers I've ever had.

2. I am newly obsessed with Veep. I started maybe a month ago and, WOW. WOW. This is a good show. I think it's making me more vulgar, but it's a great show. I only have one more episode and then I'm fully caught up and I'm so sad about this. HBO is a gift to us all. Truly.

3. It's Mother's Day this Sunday. I'm very close with my mother. I'm in touch with her before noon pretty much every single day. Sometimes I even run into her on the street on my way to work or in line at the coffee shop - this happened just yesterday and it was the best. She is the sharpest, kindest, most resilient, most loving, nastiest nasty woman I know. There is literally no one on the planet I'd rather spend time with if I had the choice. I'm very, very, very, very, very fortunate to have her as my mother and to have her so close-by, and I'm more conscious of that this year than I ever have been before. Love you, mama. 123.

4. I've started teaching on Friday nights. Last week was my first week. I think I'm going to love it. I never thought I would. I always sort of assumed I was too tired by the end of the day on Friday to stand up in front of a room full of people for two hours and pour my whole self out onto the floor in the name of fitness. But then I realized that I work harder on Friday in my day job than I do any other day of the week. My friend, Carmen, always comments on how I walk (stomp) around the office on Fridays when I'm in my zone. I LOVE Friday. I love that the clock is running out and I absolutely have to get things done because the weekend is looming. If you give me 5 days to do something, I might get it done. If you give my 5 minutes and 5 other things to do on top of the thing you need me to do, I will get all six things done. I will get 10 things done. The later it gets on Friday the harder I go. 3pm on Friday makes my head explode. So teaching at 5:30pm and 6:30pm is going to be good I think. I'm into it.

5. Switching gears, but sort of staying with fitness: I LOVE yoga. This isn't a flash in the pan like that phase I had with spinning or my last few (all but one of my) romantic relationships, this is LOVE. I'm not totally new to it, but I'm new to doing it regularly. For years I liked it. I'd dabble. I'd go every few months. I'd leave feeling nice-ish but wishing I loved it more and knowing I wouldn't be back for a long time. Well, the day has come. I love it. I think I love it now because I really need to. Several years ago I was drowning (metaphorically), and adding movement back into my life by way of taking dance classes at the gym was the thing that, at least for a while, yanked me out of the ocean. A little over a year ago, something crappy happened and I started to drown again. I now teach the dance classes at the gym that had previously brought me "back to shore," so I had to find something else. I'm not out of the water yet, but yoga is the thing that seems to be giving me the motivation and clarity to at least try and tread water. I can't fully explain why I love it, but there is something about movement paired with stillness, something about the really unique heat it generates, something about the "try and touch the floor/try and grab your other wrist while twisted around yourself and feeling unsure if you're even standing up or lying down anymore/try and balance and not bash your face into the floor" aspects of it that are making me feel brave and like I could potentially roll the dice and consider fully rejoining the world again. I took my 50th class of 2017 yesterday. Not a flash in the pan.

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