Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Five @ 5

Best life candle
1. It's chilly this morning and and I'm sitting here in a shawl with hot coffee and I love it. I'm so happy it's fall. Fall feels like a fresh start, even more so than that holiday in January with the noisemakers and champagne. Fall is a new school year. All of the real TV shows are back for a new season. (Has everyone watched the season premiere of This is Us?!) All of the performing arts organizations in the city have their opening nights. Maybe you get yourself a new sweater or two. It feels like one big shiny second chance. The year isn't over yet. You can still get it right. You have a clean slate and rosy cheeks. Knock 'em dead.

2. My friend Ally has very good taste and a way with words. A couple weeks ago she told me about a candle she discovered at a hotel she'd recently stayed at that made the room smell so good she wanted to "lick the walls." This candle was available for purchase. I ordered it immediately. I needed a treat that day. I wanted to lick the walls. Now, I'm not usually an expensive candle person. My favorite candles are unscented tea lights from Ikea and the Glade Apple Cinnamon candle from CVS. Both are under $5. The Kimpton Candle is $40. $40! Am I insane? Yes. But honestly, this candle does smell like heaven, and sometimes having a nice smelling apartment makes me really really really happy. I'm using it sparingly so it will last a long, long time. If you're looking for an indulgent treat or a nice gift, order one of these billion dollar candles. You really won't regret it.

3. If you want to live your very best life, when your candle arrives you should light it up and then make yourself a little snack comprised of this amazing cheese from Trader Joe's, a little honey, and some apple slices. Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar will blow your entire face off. It's cheddar, but it's not. It's cheddar, but better. I bought it on a whim this week and I can't even believe how good it is. It's only $3.99. Balances out the cost of the candle. There you go.

4. A funny thing happens when you quit drinking. At least it happened to me. (And don't worry, I'm not going to turn this into a blog all about the sober life and be all preachy about it.) A few weeks after I quit the booze, I looked down and essentially said to myself, "Holy shit, I'm a real person. I have a body. Woah. I should probably start taking care of this thing." Now. I tend to be a little obsessive, and when I realized I was a real person with a body that needed to be taken care of I went to the doctor.... a few times. I got checked for.... a few things. I started taking a bunch of vitamins and some fish oil in the morning. I went back to Pilates. I thought very seriously about eliminating Frito Lay products from my diet. I thought very seriously about attempting to meditate. I started washing my hands more often. I'm trying to get more sleep. I'm trying to drink more water. Some of that will stick and some of it won't, but I wanted to tell you guys about one part of my aggressive, sudden health tune-up that I think is really important: the dermatology skin check. Do you all have dermatologists? Are you pale and freckly like me? Go get yourself checked, friend. Right around the time I realized I should take care of myself, I was in the fitting room at Ensemble in the North End and noticed that a little spot I've had on my chest for a years looked funky as hell. Bigger. Weird. Kind of gross. Not good. I, of course, immediately panicked and thought of nothing else for days. I eventually ended up at the dermatologist and they determined that they should remove not only that little guy on my chest, but another one on my face that I wasn't even worried about, and make sure they were not skin cancer. So, for five days I've been hyperventilating waiting for biopsy results. Mercifully, both were okay, but I was given a lot of advice on how often to get checked, how often to check myself (before I wreck myself), and how to better protect and care for my skin. Do you all throw a little SPF on everyday? Do you wear it in places other than your face even when you're not at the beach? The sun can still get at you even when you're on the sidewalk, FYI. I bought this to wear on my face and this for my whole real person body. It's a start.

5. I think each one of you should listen to this song at some point this weekend and dance around your living room. I LOVE this song. I was listening to this song while walking past the Hancock Tower yesterday afternoon and my ankle randomly gave out and I fell down right on the sidewalk and didn't even care. It's that happy of a song.

Happy Friday, all.  

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