Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Snow Day Nine @ Noon

1. I really didn't expect to have a snow day today, but I'm thankful for it. I really really really needed a day where I didn't set an alarm. It's been a while since I've had one. I stayed in bed until 9am and then got up and got caught up on my This Is Us watching and my breakfast potato eating. Is everyone caught up on This Is Us? I just watched the Deja episode. I love that it included Goodnight Moon. Something about Goodnight Moon calms me down right away. All the memories of my mom reading it to me. All the "sh" words. I just love it. I might read it this afternoon. Why not?

2. Saturday night I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. "Made" is a strong word here. I heated up tomato soup and put some cheap white American cheese together with bread and butter in a pan. I cannot speak for Prom Date, but I was totally swooning over this meal and haven't stopped thinking about it. It's happening again for lunch today. Similar to Goodnight Moon, it's comforting and takes me back to childhood. I might add it into my regular weeknight dinner rotation. 

3. All of the gyms and studios are closed today or at least have modified hours. I was looking forward to my yoga class this morning, but my studio was rightfully closed so I'm going to throw my mat down in the living room and try Yoga With Adriene in a little bit. After my grilled cheese settles.

4. I'm obsessing over being nicer to my skin (and myself) lately. I'm not using foundation for a little while so my skin can breathe, and I'm trying this new Micellar Cleansing Water to keep it clean. So far I really love it. It's gentle, does the job, and doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry or irritated at all. So far, so good.

5. Here's a great song from the forthcoming BodyJam 84 for you to dance to in your living room this afternoon if you start to get stir crazy.

6. I remember being in the waiting room at the dentist when I was in middle school and reading in a wrinkled old Glamour magazine that Cheryl Tiegs drank hot water with lemon in it first thing every morning to get rid of cellulite. I always thought that was interesting. Since then I've heard other people talk about doing this and I've tried it here and there, but I've been doing it regularly for two weeks now. I don't think it's getting rid of cellulite or changing my health or appearance in any drastic way, but I like that it's something I do as soon as I wake up and it's 100% focused on taking care of me. I read this post from the Fitness Alchemists a couple weeks ago that talked about how to be better at mornings. A big part of it was taking care of yourself first thing in the morning and how that can help you be better prepared and more clearheaded for your day, especially if your day revolves around caring for other people. Lemon water takes no time at all. I squeeze half a lemon into a mug, heat up 2 cups of water in the microwave, and dump it into the mug on top of the lemon juice and drink it. (Note, half a lemon is probably kind of aggressive, you might not need quite as much, I like things that taste like a punch in the face.)

7. OH MY GOD. April 25. Season Two.

8. When I officially, finally quit drinking I felt pretty confident in my ability to resist the urge to fall back into my old pattern regardless of how stressed, sad, angry, or happy I became. The one thing that made me nervous was the idea of a sober snow day. Sounds odd, but I was really worried about this. I wasn't all that concerned that I'd slip up, but I was dreading the moment where I realized I didn't love snow days as much as I used to because I couldn't drink 900 bottles of red wine during them. I'd see everyone posting on Facebook about how much wine they were going to drink and I'd feel left out and disappointed. My tomato sauce wouldn't be as delicious. I'd be grumpy and bitchy and miserable. Thank goodness, this ended up not being the case. This is my third sober snow day, and I really like it. I might even be enjoying it more. Just like the rest of my recovery journey, I'm realizing that what I thought was relaxing and rewarding was actually pretty destructive. The day after most snow days I always felt like shit. I'd drink too much and eat too much and feel like I needed a second snow day to recover. If I got a second snow day, I'd just drink more and feel even worse. (To be brutally honest, I am a little jealous of those of you who are planning to have some cozy red wine at home today and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. I'm not judging you, trust me, I wasn't having a glass of cozy red wine. I was having multiple bottles of cozy red wine.) I'm thankful for my sobriety and all the space its created in my life for real rest and clarity and self-care and I'm SO relieved that my tomato sauce tastes just as delicious as it did when I was half in the bag. Maybe even more delicious. 

9. It's hard to believe it today, but spring is coming. I have fallen in love with this tiny store in the North End called Ensemble. I got a lot of my fall/winter clothes there. They have maybe five racks of clothing, but everything on the racks is great. It's a small, woman-owned business and she sells a lot of clothes by female designers. One of my favorites is Luna Luz. As you start looking for spring clothes, I highly recommend you check this place out. And when you're done, meet me for a coffee in the neighborhood. Ensemble is tucked away at 2 Baldwin Place in the North End.

Happy Snow Day, you guys.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Five @ 5

Revere Beach Two weeks ago.
1. Trader Joe's is a gift to us all. That store. I just... it's too good. Anyway, I tried two new-to-me Trader Joe's products this week and loved them both. First, their Citrus Medley Greek Whole Milk Yogurt. DELICIOUS. Tangy. Creamy. Amazing. Was recommended to me by a co-worker who said it tasted like a creamsicle. She was right, it does. A creamsicle that keeps you full all afternoon. It might have too much sugar in it for you healthy people, but I'll be buying more of it because it has less sugar in it than the Milky Way Simply Caramel I usually eat. Second, their Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask. I was feeling a little cranky and tired last night and needed a treat. I saw this and loved the packaging. It was only $3.99, and I was sold. Tried it when I washed my hair before bed and really liked it. Makes your hair conditioning experience feel a bit more luxurious and your hair smell like a trip to the beach. Good stuff. Love Trader Joe's.

2. I am in the middle of literally six different books right now and it's stressing me out. I don't know why. I watch more than one TV show, why can't I be reading more than one book? Anyway, my favorite out of the six right now is BrenĂ© Brown's Braving the Wilderness. Have you guys read it? It's really really really good. You should also watch her TED Talk. 

3. A truly wonderful recipe for Macaroni & Cheese from Smitten Kitchen. Usually Smitten recipes take hours and hours and every single pan in your kitchen. This was a snap. I think we all need some comfort food after this week, yes? Yes.   

4. I decided to stop wearing foundation for a little while. Not all makeup. I'm not Alicia Keys. Just foundation. I'm two days in, so far no one has screamed and run away from me. I have no idea why I started to really dislike foundation this week, but I did. I was washing my face Tuesday night and did my usual cleanse and splash. I looked in the mirror and all the gunk was still there. I grabbed a face cloth and gave my face a scrub, looked at the face cloth all covered in makeup and decided I just couldn't do it anymore. Something about covering my clean skin in a tinted mask everyday suddenly just seems really weird to me. Also, I've never been able to find a foundation that looks right on me. I don't think it makes me look any better than I look without it, it just makes me look a bit more pale. And yet I've used it for YEARS. I've never loved my skin. It's not the best. It's super sensitive. It gets red really easily. It is what it is. I've been working really hard lately to sort myself out and love myself a lot more than I have in the past. Part of that has been the idea of embracing my flaws and showing myself compassion. I've been focused on my internal flaws. I think I'll try and do this with my external flaws for a little while as well. 

5. What are you all doing this weekend? I'm spending a couple much-needed hours in the yoga studio, starting to learn the new BodyJam and BodyPump releases, reading a few pages from each of my six books, making a cozy-to-the-max tomato soup & grilled cheese dinner with Prom Date, and going to a birthday party.

Happy Friday, you guys.