Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday Five @ 5

Hanover Avenue, North End
Well. This was not the best week of my life. This post is gonna be short. Here are five little things that made my craptacular week a notch closer to spectacular.

1. A sugar raised donut from Union Square Donuts consumed while hiding in a phone booth at the Massachusetts State House during a five minute break I granted myself from an event I was working. Never underestimate the power of some slow deep breaths, five minutes of solitude, and sugar. Gluten allergy be damned, that shit was delicious.

2. These $8 sneakers from Primark. Let me be frank: I cannot stand Primark. Walking in there gives me hives. Too overwhelming on the sensory front, people shoving by you, I'm not totally sure about their labor practices, awful. But I wanted some cheap shoes to slip on and off for quick neighborhood jaunts. I opted to get these a size too big because I have a chronic issue with my right pinkie toe leftover from my dancing days and sometimes she needs a little room. Was that an overshare? I really don't care. Anyway, I bought these shoes a few weeks ago solely (pun intended) for the purpose of my five-minute walks around the neighborhood to pick up laundry or buy half & half at 7-11 or go to yoga, but Thursday I let myself wear them all day long and it was amazing. Never underestimate the power of a cheap, comfortable shoe with extra room for your destroyed, weird pinkie toe. Feet that don't hurt for a full eight hours are great.

3. An unexpected surprise in my Follain bag. I stopped in to buy this bar of soap so I can at least smell clean during this complete bastard of a week, and when I got home I noticed I had a very large sample of Herbivore's Blue Tansy Mask in my bag. Thanks, Follain staff! I slathered it on and let it do its thing for 20 mins while catching up on The Handmaid's Tale and it was such a nice little indulgence. I've never been much of a mask person, but this might convince me to become one. I loved the smell and my skin looked happier and brighter after I used it. Pampering yourself takes very little time and makes you feel so much better. Don't be shy. Spend the money. You're gonna blow it on crap you don't need anyway. Get yourself a mask.

4. A reunion with the glory and splendor that is Savenor's Market in Beacon Hill. I used to shop at Savenor's from time to time when I lived over that way, but I hadn't been in years. I stopped in on my aimless wander back to the North End last night and good GAWD is that store gorgeous. I treated myself to a nice looking steak and a big potato to bake and some baby spinach and came home and made a feast and ate it all. I can't afford to shop there all the time, but when a girl needs a steak she should probably head over to the butcher shop favored by Julia Child.

5. My Monday night BodyJam participants. On Monday I arrived at the gym to teach and learned that we had an intruder in the studio in the form of a live rat. (Please do not judge my gym and turn your nose up at it and get all huffy and make a face. This is a city. That gym is surrounded by restaurants and a construction site right now, rats happen.) It was dealt with quickly and professionally and it's now fine, but my classes had to be canceled for the evening. Instead of shrugging and going home to sit on their couches, my Jammers didn't budge. They all congregated in the lobby and started brainstorming ideas of how we could still have class without a studio. We had a brief Jamily meeting and it was decided after a quick call to another Healthworks location that we'd carpool and Uber and MBTA ourselves across the city in the next hour and have class there. I was more than happy to relocate and teach, and it was a blast. As I was teaching I got a little emotional, no shock there. I looked around the room and I really couldn't believe that all of these women had put effort into relocating themselves to a neighborhood that's not super convenient for them on a rainy night just to dance for an hour. In a selfish way, during this lousy week it was kind of nice to have evidence that I must be somewhat good at teaching if people were willing to go out of their way to get to me. It also reminded me once again that my classes are about so much more than fitness, and that even when things aren't going all that well for a few days I can still have moments where I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Thank you, Jamily.

Happy Friday, you guys. 

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  1. I'm getting emotional reading this, especially the Jamily part...nothing like Jamily....NOTHING EVAH like Boston Jamily. GAWD I miss you people. Jammers. They know NO barriers and will go to ALL THE LENGTHS to raise the vibration. Three cheers for the best Jamily. #jamsaves #danceforever #foreverjammah