Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday Things

1. Since this week has been so brutally hot and humid and gross here in Boston, I thought I'd let you all know the results of my very exciting natural deodorant experiment. For years I've really wanted to stop putting aluminum-filled crap under my arms. It's rumored to have a link to breast cancer. I also don't love the idea of plugging my sweat ducts and preventing sweat from leaving my body. So, I gave it a shot. The winner is Coconut & Vanilla Native. One of the things people tend to worry about when they make the switch to natural deodorant is that it won't work as well as the mainstream, drug store brands. You cannot believe how well Native works. It kicks the ass of anything I've ever tried. I wore it yesterday when it was about 3,000 degrees outside. I dragged myself to the T. I took a fairly intense 90-min yoga class, went out for breakfast, went grocery shopping, and dragged myself and my heavy groceries home on the T. And I still. Did not. Smell. Bad. At. All! This stuff is WAY more effective than the chemical-filled crap and it's only slightly more expensive. I'm going to give an honorable mention to another brand: Meow Meow Tweet's baking soda free deodorant cream. I'll be keeping this one around, too. If you're a person who shaves under your arms, the skin can be a little sensitive immediately post-shave. On those days/nights, I recommend using the Meow Meow Tweet since it has no baking soda in it. Let your skin calm down a little. Then hit up the Native. That said, if you shave, throw the Meow Meow Tweet on, and go take a spinning class, you're not going to smell all that fantastic by the end. It's not a miracle from heaven like Native, but it's a great one for days where your skin is feeling a little sensitive and you aren't going to sweat buckets.

2. Down Under School of Yoga. Holy CRAP, you guys. Have you been there? North End Yoga was closed for the Fourth of July but I still really wanted to take a class, so I scooted over to Down Under's Brookline studio. First of all, congratulations to them for understanding that the person at the front desk is one of the most important people for a business. Hire well. Train well. They make or break the first impression. If I walk in and someone ignores me, acts irritated that I'm new and don't know where to go, huffily asks me questions as if I'm taking up too much of their time, or is fiddling with their cell phone? Nope. All over. Their front desk person was warm and welcoming, calmed my "I'm new here" nerves almost immediately, explained the basics of what I'd need to know for class and then asked me, "What else can I tell you to make you feel more comfortable?" I wanted to hug her. After that it just got better and better. The studio itself is beautiful and comfortable and clean. The equipment is easy to find. The other members were nice and I actually spotted two people who I know to have flawless taste in the class with me. There wasn't any feeling of competitiveness in the air. I liked that there were varying levels of ability in the room, a broad age range. The instructor had a wonderful sense of humor but she was NOT messing around, that woman could cue. I worked hard and smart in that class and I felt fantastic afterwards. Then I went across the street to Tatte and got coffee and breakfast and contemplated moving to the Saint Mary's area of Brookline. Stay tuned.

3. Today it was recommended to me that I go to a weeklong retreat at the Kripalu Center in Lenox. I never take vacations. Ever. I can't remember the last time I took a full week off and went someplace. It might have been in 2005 when the man I was dating at the time "surprised me" with a trip to his hometown of Kansas City, MO. That's another story for another time. The idea of going to Kripalu is very appealing to me. I was in that part of the state last week and absolutely loved being there. I know a few of you have done retreats there and loved them. Maybe I'll see if I can get my act together and save up some money and go. I could really use a reset. 

Happy almost Friday, all. I missed you.

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