Tuesday, February 19, 2019

I Hate Shaving My Legs

This blog has three posts and no followers, so this post is in NO WAY sponsored. I'm not that cool. I just had to tell you about this: Flamingo. I can't even remember how I found this company, probably during one of my mindless rabbit hole excursions into the depths of Instagram. Their tagline is "Body Care for Women with Hair" and they are named for the one-legged pose most of us strike in the shower when shaving our legs.

I hate shaving my legs. My legs are probably my least favorite thing about my physical self. I take that back. I'm trying to cut down on self-loathing. Let me rephrase: I love my legs because they allow me to dance and be active. They are strong and muscular as hell and I'm proud of their shape. What I do NOT like is the fact that they bruise easily and are incredibly pale. Defiantly pale. Self tanner literally doesn't work. My flesh rejects it. And what I've surmised from looking around the world and the internet is that being muscular is okay. Being pale is okay. But being pale and muscular is NOT okay. This makes me very insecure about my legs, so I cover 'em up. I haven't owned shorts in probably 15 years. Sometimes I try to wear nude pantyhose and pretend it's okay because Kate Middleton does it, but halfway through the day I want to run out and buy a pair of pants to throw on over them. I am a huge fan of very opaque black tights, maxi dresses, etc.

Anyway, taking care of this part of my body that doesn't make me all that happy has never been on my list of favorite things to do. I pretty much only did it if I was in a relationship where someone might regularly see my leg flesh, going to get a pedicure, going to the doctor, or planning to shower at the gym and felt that things were getting a bit out of hand.

When I saw the post about Flamingo my initial reaction was pretty basic, "Oooh it's pretty." It IS pretty. Their razors are pretty. I immediately wanted to have one in my bathroom, even if I never used it - ha! I assumed it would be way too expensive, but I clicked and to my delight: $9. Comparable to the stuff I was getting at CVS. Box of razor cartridges: $16. YAY! They even had shave gel - $5. Amazing. I impulse purchased all three.

I started using my Flamingo razor and shave gel last week and I am hooked in every possible way. You need only the tiniest bit of shave gel to make a mountain of foam - so the $5 can will last forever, and the razor really does give you the gentlest, closest shave. I have very sensitive skin and when I shave my legs I'm always frantic and in a rush and annoyed that I have to spend time standing on one leg taking care of my least favorite body part. Even in my angst-y shaving state I haven't had a single nick or bit of irritation. I love this razor so much I'm shaving more often and, at the risk of being incredibly cheesy, I like my poor legs more than I ever have. I never imagined my least favorite self-care task could have such a positive impact on one of my biggest insecurities.

Two thumbs way up for Flamingo. Go order yourself some shaving stuff right now. They offer a starter kit for $16 that includes the shave gel, lotion, razors, shower hook, extra cartridge, and a pouch if you don't believe me and want to give it all a little try first. Happy shaving.

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