Monday, February 18, 2019

The Perfect Cold & Flu Season Soup

I spied this recipe for Chicken and Rice Soup with Garlicky Chile Oil on Bon Appetit's wonderful Basically website yesterday. Love at first sight. Chicken soup. Garlic. Spice. Finishing oil. Dill. I love all these words. I LOVE a finishing oil. As you'll see, the recipe is super simple and you'll already have almost everything you need to make it in your kitchen. I grabbed dill, kale, and chicken thighs at Trader Joe's and was pumped to make it today.

Then Doug came home last night really sick with the exact illness I'd just gotten over. Sorry, love. Pretty sure I had/he has the Norovirus. Disgusting. You feel fine one minute and the next minute it's like your abdomen is an aggressive balloon with an advanced vinyasa yoga class taking place inside of it. I was still planning to make the soup, though I felt a little bit guilty UNTIL I realized... leave out the chili oil and this is just about the easiest, most mild, nutritious chicken soup you can make. Perfect for a sick kiddo and kiddo who just got past three days of rice cakes and is ready for some flavor and heat. Perfect for cold and flu season where colds and the flu happen at different times in the same household. Full of vitamin C. Easy to digest. Cheap. Easy to make. Just perfect.

Quick note: Doug was okay with kale, if you're making this for one healthy person and one sick person, you could serve the sicko a bowl of this right after you add the chicken and before you add the kale and lemon to keep it REALLY mild.

Also: garlicky chili oil on everything from now on. Everything.

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