Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Oily Hair Don't Care

Sometimes I feel like everyone on the planet except me has dry hair. Everything I read about hair care talks about moisturizing products and deep conditioning and rubbing coconut oil on your scalp and only washing your hair once a week. It's as if the majority of the beauty industry seems to forget that it's possible for people to have oily hair after the 7th grade. I am six months away from 40. I have oily oily oily hair and I exercise a fair amount with my hair down. I need to shampoo pretty frequently to avoid looking like Pat Riley. Two RIDICULOUSLY effective products I've recently discovered if you have oily/dirty hair like mine: Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo and Lulu Organics Hair Powder, which is basically a dry shampoo.

The Rosebrook shampoo is super pricey, at least to me. It kind of kills me to spend $30 on a bottle of shampoo, but the stuff works better than anything I've ever tried and it's free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and all the other evil toxins we're supposed to avoid. It also boldly states right on the bottle that it's for oily hair. Yes! It smells... light, sweetly carbonated, like a healthy version of soda you wish tasted more like Coke but that you pretend to enjoy and then never buy again. Does that make sense? Fizzy, but healthy. It doesn't lather as much as the shampoo I was used to, but you get used to that lower lather feeling after a few washes. As "clean" shampoos go, it lathers more than most, if that piece really matters to you. It makes your hair feel like hair. Normal. Not weirdly heavy, not too clean or slippery, just hair. I've been using this stuff for two months and I'm giving it two thumbs up.

In an effort to make my $30 bottle of shampoo last longer, I started looking for a good dry shampoo to maybe get a second day out of each washing. I'd tried Batiste in the past but it made my hair a bit heavy and I got sick of the smell within a few days and it seemed to be full of questionable ingredients. Lulu Organics Hair Powder is so gorgeous I can't stand it. I got a small batch of it for $10. It's made of corn starch, white clay, baking soda, organic horsetail powder, and essential oils. (Horsetail is a plant. I had to Google that, not gonna lie. It's not powder from an actual horse's tail, don't worry.) Anyway, I tried this stuff last night and I am hooked. I want to order a case of it. My hair was DISGUSTING. I hadn't washed it in a day and a half AND I'd exercised and my hair got sweaty as hell. I put a little bit of this powder on my fingertips and ran my hands all over my scalp and when I was done? I liked the way my hair looked more than I do when I've just washed it. I reluctantly washed my hair this morning, and I seriously cannot wait for it to be dirty again so I can use this powder. Lucky for me, that won't take too long.

You can get both of these miracle products at my current favorite store on the planet: Cambridge Naturals.