Monday, May 13, 2019

Joy In A Jar

I'm not really one for making things. I have zero artistic ability and can barely draw a normal looking smiley face. I am bad at wrapping presents. I'm bad a knitting and crafts. Baking is an enormous challenge for me. I am shocked Doug didn't leave me after the hideous (but allegedly delicious) birthday carrot cake I baked for him him. But I made this scrub the other day kind of on a whim and it THRILLED me and I wanted to share the "recipe" here.

You take...

Equal parts Coconut Oil and Himalayan Pink Salt
I used a quarter cup of each
A few drops of an essential oil of your choosing
I like a stronger smell and used three drops of lavender and two drops of tea tree
Toss it all in a little bowl and mix with a fork. If it stays chunky doesn't start to meld together into a paste, lose the fork and mix that shit with your hands.

Once it's all mixed together, put it in a little jar and screw the top on and let the joy wash over you. Let visions of quitting your job and staying home to make and sell scrubs flood your mind for just a few moments. Then come back to earth and go take a shower and use this stuff. I am pleasantly surprised at how much I like it. I hope you like it, too.

Here is exactly what I used: Coconut Oil, Salt, essential oils. And jars.