Thursday, February 20, 2020

Season Four

I think this is the fourth time I've started this blog up again after fully deleting it, so welcome to Season Four of Runaway Shopgirl. Here are some updates to get this rolling again...

Doug and I are planning a wedding. We got engaged on New Year's Eve and our wedding is March 28th. This seems to stun people. I am waiting for the moment to arrive where I realize I've rushed things and bitten off more than I can chew, but so far this feels pretty manageable. We booked the first venue we looked at and it's all kind of fallen into place from there. I am eager for the day to arrive primarily because I am excited to marry Doug, but also because I wouldn't really want to be in the planning stages of a wedding for much longer than this. This afternoon we are going to City Hall to get our marriage license. I am really excited for this part, and for the dinner we are having at Grotto afterwards.

This bag is currently my favorite thing on the planet. It's deceptively small and light and it astounds me how many things I can fit inside it. It also has about a billion pockets. Initially this bothered me, but now my muscle memory has kicked in with regard to what's in which pocket and the bag feels like an extension of my being. Finding my keys quickly when I am freezing and just wanna get inside has never been easier.

I am presently not teaching any fitness for the first time in almost eight years. I am subbing classes very occasionally, but my name appears nowhere on any schedule with any permanence or regularity. Don't let Lulu Lemon know this or they'll take away my instructor discount. My exit from The Gym I'm Not Going To Name was... something. It was harder than I expected it to be in some ways and easier in others. Most importantly, it was clarifying. I've been in the mud for a little over a year with that place. The experience of leaving and then almost coming back and then FOR SURE leaving busted me out of that mud and really let me know it was time to walk away. I still feel a hint of sadness, I won't pretend I don't, but it's nice having no regrets.

This balm is my other favorite thing on the planet right now. I love Follain. In recent years they've started to roll out their own line of products with MUCH fanfare on social media. This balm didn't get much play from their army of influencers, but I think it's the best thing they've come up with. I like that it's thick and wide so I can slather it on my lips and around my lips. It's a normal texture, it's not grainy and weird like other "clean" balms. It's a good light scent/flavor. It's just a great basic. Haven't had a hint of chapped lips since I started using it. It's also one of the least expensive products they sell. Get some.

Friday (woah, tomorrow) I'm going to see Plaza Suite with a very generous friend who is gifting me a ticket. I am so excited to be in the same room as Sarah Jessica Parker. I hear the play is really wonderful. Lucky me.

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