Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday Five @ 5

Five-minute Tomato Sauce
1. I'm in the middle of about 800 different books right now, but that didn't stop me from pre-ordering Jennifer Weiner's brand spanking new novel Big Summer. It arrived a couple days ago and I am SO EXCITED. I originally planned to drop everything the second it was delivered and tear it open. Now I'm sort of saving it and toying with the idea of taking an actual vacation day to sit and enjoy the story in one sitting. I adore Jennifer Weiner. I've never met a book of hers I did not love. If you haven't read her last book, Mrs. Everything, you should get on that. I absolutely LOVED it and felt like I missed the characters for weeks after I finished it. Oh she is just so good. I can't wait to crack the spine on Big Summer.

2. This tomato sauce will make you very happy. It's INCREDIBLY fast and incredibly flavorful. It hasn't totally dethroned the butter + onion tomato sauce as my favorite tomato sauce recipe, but it's a close second. I make it a couple times a month. All you need is olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper, salt, canned tomatoes, and a lemon. The lemon is maybe the most important part, don't skip that.

3. Have any of you tried anything from the newish clean beauty brand, Saie? Their mascara and brow butter are both excellent and they are slightly less expensive than other clean beauty brands. Anyway, they made a very enthusiastic announcement yesterday that they are rolling out a new lip gloss. Normally I'm not a lip gloss fan because when I wear it I always feel like my entire head of hair attaches itself to my mouth the second I step outside. Since I'm so rarely stepping outside as of late, I might give this gloss a shot and try to look a little less corpse-like on my Zoom calls. I really really like this brand.

4. If you're a non-drinker or you're just not drinking during this pandemic in an effort to lay off your immune system but you still want to look the part during your Zoom happy hours, might I suggest this non-alcoholic beer and this non-alcoholic prosecco. Full disclosure, they are so good they are frequently sold out, no joke, but you can usually get some within a week or two. The prosecco is especially delicious, it will shock you.

5. How are you doing? This was a very meltdown-y week for me. I'm exhausted and my seasonal allergies are kicking my ass. This weekend I'm excited for a long walk with Doug and to join a dear friend for her 100th Peloton ride. Hope you all have a weekend that's exactly the kind of weekend you need.

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