Friday, July 24, 2020

Friday Five @ 5

1. I was in an anxious funk most of this week. REAL jerk to be around. Until yesterday when I put on this new $20 sweatshirt I impulse purchased from Target. It is glorious. It's comfortable. It's inexpensive. And it makes you feel like a casual Anne Shirley. It temporarily distracted me from my anxious mental swirl and put a spring in my step for a good five to seven hours.

2. You should believe the hype about Ilia's Super Serum Skin Tint. It IS that good and for a while it was sold out everywhere, but I managed to finagle one a couple weeks ago. I have never really worn a ton of makeup and now that I'm living a hermit lifestyle I wear even less, but I do need a little something. This stuff is what I always wanted tinted moisturizer to be. It gives you decent coverage but feels like nothing and has SPF, AND is good for your skin. I will say that just as most tinted moisturizers are not actually moisturizers (they are just low-key foundations), this is not a serum. It's a lighter foundation. If you get it, still do your regular post-face washing moisturizing things, just think of this as make-up. You only need two or three drops to cover your whole face. It's great, I did a double take in the mirror while washing my hands the other day because I looked so much better than I usually do while wearing it. Two thumbs.

3. I started watching Schitt's Creek last night and I don't understand why no one told me to do so sooner. It's so nice to laugh that hard at something so ridiculous. I'm already sad about running out of episodes. It seems like it's going to go quick.

4. I have been missing routine SO very much over the past several months. Three weeks ago I think I finally found a good groove and a big part of it was starting my morning every weekday with Pilates. I've had a love/hate relationship with Pilates over the years, but I cannot deny that when I'm doing it regularly my body has less pain, my lungs have more air, and my brain has less panic. My two favorite instructors are Jennifer Phelan and Kara Duval. Both have classes via North End Yoga's livestream platform ($8/class) and via Instagram Live.

5. If you're like me and continuing to live your life as if we are still in Phase One of reopening: what are you missing most lately? I miss fries. You can't replicate fries at home. It's not the same to get a bag of frozen fries and heat them up. It's not the same to get fries to-go. I want fries that JUST came out of a kitchen that is not mine. I miss other things, of course, but I'm keeping it light because it's early and it's finally Friday.

Have a good weekend, all. 

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